Gospel rapper ,poet and author Aleck Leccoo released a mind blowing Shona song titled Dear Tanya .The song is based on an act of a father advising his two children a boy and a girl who both share the same name of Tanya.

The song dwelt on many issues including blessers , pressures of marriages  ,drug abuse , pornography, fallen pastors among others .In an interview the rapper indicated that this world is taking a new shift and there is normalization of despicable acts and his duty was to try and stand up for the truth.

Responding to why he chose the name Tanya ,the rapper said he wanted a uni sex name that could fit well within his idea ,initially the song was meant for the girl part only but he later realized that there is less attention that is given to the boy child hence he decided to address both sides.

This is Leccoos’ 13th single alongside 6 poems and a book he recently wrote titled Chronicles of my generation which talks about the same issues highlighted in this song .

To download the song follow this link


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